Thursday, October 15, 2009


Have you ever read the book Jamberry? It has been a favorite for all of my children. But not all jam is made from berries.

Today I was looking at all my left over tomatoes from my summer garden. I didn't have enough to even make a decent spaghetti sauce, but I had tasted a burger at CB Potts last week that had "tomato jam" listed in the ingredients. It was a great burger. So I looked up Tomato Jam on the internet and found almost a hundred variations.

My mom had just given me my first food processor and I quickly plopped all those red, orange and green fruits into it's plastic bowl. With a quick flip of my finger, I had pureed them all up into a soup like mixture. Next, I put about 5 cups of the tomato stuff and 5 cups of sugar into a pot to boil for 20 minutes. After transferring into a bigger pot after it boiled over onto the stove, I added 2 large packages of raspberry jello. Cooked until dissolved.

It was great! It smells and tastes just like raspberry. Now I have to get some jam jars and get ready to give them away for Christmas gifts. My friend Maria made empanadas and her daughters thought that it tasted just like strawberry jam. Gotcha!

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